Helping Hands Community Hub

Type: Company Registration, Policy and Procedure Writing, Website Design, Bank Account, Insurance, Form Creation, Accountancy

Company Registration

We registered Helping Hands Community Hub at Companies House, wrote their Constitution and Articles of Association and submitted their IN01_V7 Form to register as a non-profit company.

We also registered them with HMRC and assisted with their Confirmation Statement. Doing all the legal work to officially create the company.

Policy and Procedure Writing

Helping Hands Community Hub needed all the policies and procedures writing and putting in place to be able to operate as a safe and responsible workplace meeting all legal standards and requirements. We wrote 35 policy documents that cover everything from Fire Safety Policies and Procedures to GDPR Policies and Child Safeguarding Policies- everything that the business could need.

Website Design

Helping Hands Community Hub needed a website designing where all their service users could be directed. We made the site user-friendly and easy to navigate so relevant information could be accessed with as few clicks as possible.

Bank Account and Insurance

We helped Helping Hands Community Hub set up a business bank account as well as finding the most suitable insurance policy provider for their business’ needs.

We also helped to secure public liability insurance, employer liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance.

Form Creation

In order for Helping Hands Community Hub to be compliant with various pieces of legislation, they need to record certain aspects of their work such as Risk Assessments, Accident and Incident Reporting and as well as COSHH, Bump Notes and Child Safeguarding Reports. We created the documents for Helping Hands to be able to accurately record everything required of them by law.


We continue to support Helping Hands Community Hub by helping them with their accountancy, such as providing their annual accounts to HMRC every year as well as providing financial advice.

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