Matt Brown’s Bitz

Type: Logo Design, Policy and Procedure Writing, Flyer Design, Bank Account, Insurance, Form Creation, Contracts

Logo Design

Matt Brown asked for a character logo for his bespoke welding and fabrication business. It needed to be friendly and approachable, and not too masculine. We produced this character holding a sparkling welder to catch people’s curiosity, and a welding mask and apron to signal Matt Brown’s trade.

Policy and Procedure Writing

MattBrownsBitz needed all the policies and procedures writing and putting in place to be able to operate as a safe and responsible workplace meeting all legal standards and requirements. We wrote 20 policy documents that cover everything from Fire Safety Policies and Procedures to GDPR Policies and Health and Safety policies- everything that the business could need.

Flyer Design

This flyer was designed as an information leaflet that details the client’s services and credibility. The logo was placed in the middle to catch the viewer’s attention and convey Matt’s friendly and approachable demeanour.

The brand colours from the logo were used for a sense of consistency, and icons to illustrate Matt’s main services – vehicle repairs, bespoke furniture and outdoor cooking equipment. The copy was written to offer the audience confidence in Matt’s experience and expertise.

Bank Account and Insurance

We helped MattBrownsBitz set up a business banking account, making the whole banking process easy, straightforward and tailored to the company’s needs. Additionally we found the most suitable insurance policy provider for his business’ needs. This provided the company with suitable public liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance all at an affordable rate – protecting it from any and all eventualities.

Form Creation

In order for MattBrownsBitz to be compliant with various pieces of legislation, they need to record certain aspects of their work such as Risk Assessments, Accident and Incident Reporting and as well as equipment registers and inspection charts. We created the documents for MattBrownsBitz to be able to accurately record everything required of them by law.


We created a range of service agreements and staffing contracts to ensure that MattBrownsBitz Ltd.’s interests are protected by law when dealing with customers, other businesses and employees.

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