Melvin’s Supplements

Type: Logo, Packaging Design, Ad Creative

Logo Design

Melvin wanted a masculine visual identity for his brand and specified blue, black and white for his brand colours. Working with this information we developed this spell out logo embellished with stars and a shield to signal strength and reliability. We added the strapline ‘Be Everything You Can Be’, an embodiment of Melvin’s brand philosophy; to help people maximise their mind and body.

Packaging Design

Working with the packaging suppliers, we designed a total of 16 product labels for flat and round bottles. The labels needed to have all the legal and nutritional information on them as well as keeping on brand and being easy to read.

Ad Creative

This digital ad was designed to show Melvin’s brand insitu. The image was edited for a more dark and gritty atmosphere to match the brand. The logo and strapline was added, which can easily be replaced with any ad copy.

This ad was part of a set, which aimed to increase brand awareness within the supplements market. The ads had slightly different creative form one another, for example, a different image, copy or call to action, so that the highest conversions could be attained.

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